“Unuttered Buds of New Life…”

“Let me only be still, and know we can force nothing, and compel nothing, can only nourish in the darkness the unuttered buds of new life that shall be.”

-D.H. Lawrence

Oh, January. You call to me. You call with new weekly planners and freshly sharpened pencils. You call to me with a hundred ideas about things to make and do and offer the world, with a hundred more on the way . And yet…you offer a deeper call as well. The call of long, dark nights and the stories they tell. The call of snow-laden branches that will not be moved, even by the wind. The call of slow-moving rivers making their steady way beneath the ice. This is the call I want to answer. Your call to simply listen, and discern. The call to simply wait while the multitude of projects and possibilities sort themselves into piles: here is the old way, attractive because it is familiar, reassuring, and redolent of past joys; here, on the other hand, is a call to new life. An “unuttered bud” of new life that will only unfurl if we hold still and listen long enough to watch, and wait.

I hope you are finding the time you need to answer whatever is calling to your soul this season! As always, I’d love to hear from you.

If you missed it in last week’s email newsletter, here’s a little gift for your listening this season…

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